Abella Danger – Worst Day Ever [NuruMassage]
Zac Wild is impatiently waiting at a massage parlor when the masseuse, Abella Danger, comes rushing in. She is out of breath and wearing a tight cycling outfit, which draws Zac’s eyes to her heaving chest and sensual curves. He can’t help but stare as she profusely apologizes for her tardiness, rambling about what an awful day she’s had so far! She was on her way to work when her bike got a flat, and it just spiraled from there… But Abella doesn’t want her bad day to become Zac’s bad day, so she’s happy to still massage him! Zac doesn’t mind still taking a massage, especially when Abella asks if it’s alright for her to keep her tight outfit on. No, he doesn’t have a problem with THAT at all… Once they’re in the private room, Zac quickly strips off and throws himself down onto the mattress to hide his boner. Meanwhile, Abella nonchalantly straddles him, beginning the erotic massage. Although Zac gets to enjoy the feel of spandex against him for a few moments, Abella soon strips completely down to get on with the most intimate portion of the NURU massage: the naked body sliding! Zac becomes even more aroused as Abella slips and slides all over him, pressing their naked bodies together. To make up for the rough start, she’s happy to give Zac a happy ending… As she runs her tongue along his cock and gets him ready to slip into her pussy, Abella’s worst day is turning into Zac’s best day!
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