[BangbrosClips] Kama Oxi (The Handyman Life Hack)
Kama Oxi was horny but luckily she figured out a life hack for that. No more masturbation. Ever. She called a plumber to fix a draining problem. Before he arrived she showered and dressed sexy so he would get the hint. Wow she got lucky today! Freddy Gong was the guy who arrived and she was certain he would be massive. But first he climbed under the sink to check the pipes. Maybe he didn’t get the hint? She sat on the sofa, moved her panties to the side and started to play with her pussy. He looked up. And he got it. It was Kama who needed some fixing. So he took care of her pussy. Licked it long and good. Then she showed him some love and sucked his dick. It was so much bigger than she would have imagined. She was in for a treat. Then he fucked her with that giant dick until she was out of breath. Then he came in her mouth.
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