[MomIsHorny] Anya Volkova (Empty Balls Clear Mind)
Anya comes home to find her step son Jodie, stressing out over college work. So being a good mom, she tries to help him relieve some of the pressures of school. She gives him a foot rub, but that doesn’t help. So, she tries a trick that usually works. She grabs some oil for a massage. Jodie is willing to try it. He asks is the oil for his back and Anya tells him no, it’s for his penis. She gives him a hanjob and tells him by emptying his balls he will also release the stress. Jodie appreciates the effort but he can’t come from hand jobs. Then fucking it is. Anya hops on top of his now rock-hard dick and begins to stroke it with her pussy. Jodie turns her over and gives her perfect ass some back shots. Missionary is what did it as he looked into her pretty face right before he cums into her mouth. Anya asks him did he feel better and Jodie graciously thanks her for that did the trick.
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