[MommysBoy] Reagan Foxx, Charlotte Chanel (Work Him To The Bone)
Charlotte Chanel is very busy getting the house ready for her stepsister Reagan Foxx’s impending arrival. It’s been two whole years since they’ve seen each other, not to mention that Reagan’s still not met Charlotte’s stepson Oliver Davis. Reagan arrives soon after, and she’s thrilled to see Charlotte again and finally make Oliver’s acquaintance. Charlotte and Oliver lead Reagan into the living room, insisting that she sit and make herself at home. But when Reagan finds herself alone with Charlotte, she makes a point to share a few of her opinions about Oliver. Namely, she thinks that Charlotte should put him to work around the house. After all, what are stepsons for? Charlotte doubts that Oliver would be even willing to do chores, but is amazed when Reagan asks him to make her a sandwich and he complies right away. Charlotte’s definitely intrigued- maybe her stepsister’s on to something… By the time that a few hours have gone by, Oliver has been worked to the bone, having pampered his stepmom and stepaunt to no end. The women have even gotten him to give them foot massages, which unexpectedly gets him visibly excited. That’s when Reagan gets another mischievous idea… After all this work, it’s only fair that they give Oliver his rightful reward. With a little help from Reagan, Charlotte and Oliver are soon thrust into an energetic threesome that will introduce a whole new dimension to their family dynamic.
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