[MylfLabs] Vivianne DeSilva, Sasha Pearl (Concept: Swyngers)
Whats up, MYLF lovers? Curious about how hot couples keep things interesting in bed? Then check out this horny labs experiment about swingers! Vivianne and her husband Scott enjoy a healthy sex life filled with nasty fun. One day, when watching some porn together, they bump into an amateur video of Sasha, one of Viviannes students, doing stuff with Nicky, her partner. Vivianne confronts Sasha the next day and she tells her teacher that she has been trying to spice up her sex life, but its just not working. Determined to help her, Vivianne and Scott meet up with Sasha and Nicky to give them a couple of ideas to improve things in bed. Blowing Scott and Nicky back to back leads them to try swinging, ending in a hot fuck fest for four.  
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