[TeenPies] Amber Summer (A Summer of Riches)
Amber finds out her boyfriend lost some money, so she goes to Iron Celtic’s house to see what the deal is. Iron is clearly rich and loves to flaunt his wealth. Amber can’t help but admire his beautiful house and his belongings. He entertains Amber’s attempt to bargain with him, and Iron only leans into his wealth more when she calls him out on his rude behavior. Still, Amber is smitten by Iron’s affluence and can’t help but desire him. Iron notices this and is willing to work with Amber, given she’s a hot piece of ass. She snuggles up with Iron on the couch, and she doesn’t waste time getting to his cock. Amber pulls Iron’s pants down and sucks his cock, getting his shaft deep down her throat. Iron shows Amber that he’s not just rich, but he fucks hard. He pushes his cock even deeper down Amber’s throat until she’s slobbering everywhere, soaking herself and his balls with spit. Amber is wet and wants his dick, and Iron is happy to oblige. She gets on her back, and Iron pushes his cock deep inside of her, pushing her purple lace panties aside and filling her up with every inch of his penis. She’s a petite girl, so Iron throws her around and uses his larger size to his advantage. He shows Amber no mercy and fucks her harder than she’s ever been fucked. When he can’t hold his load any longer, he doesn’t pull out and cums deep in her pussy. Both of their juices pour out from Amber’s pussy. Iron wants to see Amber again next week and thinks this could be the start of a beautiful, secret relationship.
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