[YoungerMommy] Stacy Cruz (Stepmom Puts Me To The Test)
Stacy Cruz is back from her beach day. She finds her stepson Sam Bourne on the couch and she asks him to rub some after sun onto her shoulders. Sam complies reluctantly. Stacy finds that she likes the way his hands feel on her back and shoulders, which prompts her to make some sexual comments while whipping her tits out. Sam pops his hardon out in return. Unable to resist, Stacy gives a slow and sexy handjob before peeling off the rest of her clothes. Then she’s free to blow Sam until he’s fisting the couch to keep from touching her. Getting to her feet, Stacy sinks down to ride Sam in reverse cowgirl and then turns around to keep their party going in cowgirl as she smooshes her tits into Sam’s face. Finally rolling onto her back, Stacy spreads herself wide open for Sam to do her. On her knees, she takes a doggy style pussy pounding. They spoon together and then Stacy gets on her knees so Sam can cum on her tits and make her day even better.
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